Action Comedy Nerd Show #7 Street Interviews at the Indiana Comic Con 2017


Jerry, Dan, and the Action Comedy Nerd Show recently spent a weekend at the Indiana Comic Con (2017).  Joined by our friend comedian T.M. Francis, we had a great show, and then hosted two panels.  One of our panels was our patented street interviews, and boy what a doozey!  Recorded live in front of an audience, we had a chance to talk to many interesting people.  Comedian DJ Dangler, Co-host of YouTube channel Hybrid Network Luke Hurst, hosts of Surfabilly Freakout Radio Chelsea Bandida & Koffin Keith, cute cosplay couple Waldo and Carmen Sandiego (aka Bryce and Beatty Stephens), Steve "Steve needs a kidney" Panepinto telling the story of how he got engaged at the con, and Rita Skeeter cosplayer Laura Anne Welle.  (Links to social media below).  What a lively crowd, we recorded this with ambient tabletop mics that captured the crowd and the chaos of the liveness.  Also, watch for our soon-to-be released second episode from the Indiana Comic Con--our second panel where we hosted a debate on the Best Superhero Movie of 2016.  As always, join the conversation with comments, and be sure to rate us on iTunes and Stitcher.

DJ Dangler:

Luke Hurst and the Hybrid Network:

Chelsea Bandida, Koffin Keith, and the Surfabilly Freakout radio show:

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