Action Comedy Nerd Show #20: Visiting the 2019 US GO Congress


It’s summer so it must be that time of year again—time for the US GO Congress! Last year we filed a report from the 2018 Go Congress in Williamsburg (episode #15) and this year your Action Comedy Nerd Show co-host Dr. Jerry Jaffe did it again…this time from Madison, WI. That beautiful town on three lakes hosted the 2019 GO Congress and fun was had by all. While there, Jerry had the chance to record 3 interviews—Myungwan Kim 9P, Ryan Li 1P, and Congress Director David Weimer. With Myungwan Jerry asked about his new project teaching people with autism; Jerry asked Ryan about the New York Institute of Go and their popular videos; and Dave gave the lowdown on the tournament. Your usual ACNS co-host Dan “I’m a workin’ comic” Brown was on the road, so Jerry had the host this one himself (big mistake Dan, Jerry NEVER shuts up!).

And, some interesting links:


The New York Institute of GO website:


The New York Institute of GO YouTube channel:


The American GO Association:


GO on Wikipedia:


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