Action Comedy Nerd Show #16: Talking Science & Movies w/ Mitch Powers


Your co-hosts Jerry and Dan sit down with real live physicist AND local comedian Mitch Danger Powers (<<<note, no “---“ around Danger because that IS his actual middle name).  Mitch studies and teaches physics at Kent State University (a Ohio University!).  He joins us to talk about physics, science and movies. Jerry’s favorite part of the entire interview is when—sitting with a trained physicist—Dan Brown’s very first question is about Jurassic Park!! Oy Vey! Other movies and topics covered include Ant Man and the Wasp and the quantum realm, the physics of time travel and Dr. Who, Newtonian physics at play in the Fast and the Furious series, the age old question of whether or not Superman can actually catch a falling Lois Lane without killing her, Jurassic Park (again!), tardigrades, and whether or not the physics on the Big Bang Theory is realistic. When you add science to a nerd podcast you get maximum excitation of molecules (aka an explosion of fun!).