Action Comedy Nerd Show #15: Visiting the 2018 US GO Congress


On July 28, your humble co-host Jerry had a chance to visit the 2018 US GO Congress in Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, he had a chance to interview some of the participants, including Tournament Co-Director Nate Eagle, the Masters Tournament Director Josh Lee, well-known teacher and author Yuan Zhou, and US Professional Go player Andy Liu. In this episode, Jerry also teaches Dan about the game, as well as schooling him on which movies Will Smith is or is not in.



The official website of the 2018 GO Congress:


The US GO Congress is presented by the American GO Association:


The National GO Center:


For more about the game of GO, here is the Wikipedia page:


More on AlphaGO and AI:


Nate Eagle has a GO App, you can contact him here:


Yuan Zhou’s website:


Yuan Zhou’s latest book on Amazon:


Joshua Lee can be reached at:


Andy Liu is accepting new students, you can contact him at: